WCH Dior Siberian Spirit,CZ born 01.11.2004y.

siberian male in cattery
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Dior came to us from Praga, from Mrs Radka Ruckerova. The fact that he appeard in our breed was his excellent origin, also the many titles that his ancestors acheived on many international exhibitions. His character and temperament with ideal to the characters of our two girls. In just three days of living with us, Dior made friends with Grazia and Afrodyta. Now all three run around the house and play. He loves to be stroked and loves to sleep on your lap. At night if not playing around, he goes to sleep beside our heads and purrs us to sleep. He's a very good eater. Eats just about everything you give him. He can eat a whole chiken wing at once. His weight as a three month old kitten was 2,5kg. He'll be BIG cat.